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Boiler & Furnace Maintenance in Manchester, NH

Like other parts of your home or business, your heating system requires routine service to keep it working at an optimal level. Bob Mailhot Heating Company Inc., of Manchester, New Hampshire, offers the routine boiler or furnace maintenance you need to keep your system performing like new.

Routine Service for Top Performance

Keeping your oil heating system in top shape will increase efficiency and reduce repair costs, while increasing the system's longevity. With today's high cost of heating oil, we recommend scheduling a routine furnace or boiler maintenance tune-up every 12 months to ensure your system performs properly.

Included with Every General Tune-up:

  • Replace All Filters & Nozzles
  • Check Efficiency & Low Draft
  • Perform a CO Check to Ensure System
    Doesn't Emit Carbon Monoxide
Water Heaters and Furnace - Furnace Maintenance in Manchester, NH
Contact us to schedule routine boiler or furnace maintenance to keep your system working like new for years to come.